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INCREDIBLE Marriott Weekend Rate in the Atlanta Area

I like Marriott hotels due to their general cleanliness, consistency and good service across all of their properties and brands.  Maybe this is due to staying at Marriotts more than any other chain by far growing up, but I always know what I am getting and have had very few poor experiences with them.

I was searching Marriott hotel rates when I stumbled upon what I consider to be an incredible steal:  A weekend rate of $59 per night at a Fairfield Inn & Suites Atlanta Alpharetta.  This rate is for a basic room type, but for $74 per night you can snag a suite.

This weekend rate runs from now through the foreseeable future.  In fact the nightly rate for the next couple of weekends is at $49 per night before increasing at the end of the month.  I looked out as fare as Labor Day weekend in September, and even then $59 weekend nights are still available.

Sure, it is about 20 minutes outside of downtown, but depending on your flexibility it can be a rather cost-effective place to stay, especially if you are trying to build/maintain status with the Marriott Rewards program.

This past fall I was attending a meeting in downtown Atlanta, and stayed with friends (it’s sometimes hard to resist a free place to stay) who live roughly the same distance from downtown with no problem.  As far as the Fairfield brand of Marriott goes, it is not quite on the level of a luxury hotel like the JW Marriott or Ritz Carlton, but I have stayed at a number of them and it offers a solid, fairly modern product in my opinion.

So if you are going to be in the Atlanta area, or looking to mattress run (staying at hotels solely for accruing hotel status and/or hotel points) this is a great value, in my opinion.

This could be a mistake, but I am still tempted to get in on this deal in order to help with my own Marriott status.


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