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I just added a new page to my site, as a feature of my newly-launched award/travel consulting service, 0HassleAwards.   Here are the details:

If you are trying to work out an award ticket or need help booking a revenue ticket, I am here to help.  I will do whatever it takes to help you ensure your entire experience is both pleasant and exceptional.

I am knowledgeable about airline alliances, routing rules, and fare charts and have an experienced network of award consultants to draw upon.

With my 0 Hassle Guarantee, if I am unable to help make your trip happen, there is no charge.

My Services:

-Revenue Ticket Booking Assistance                                             $25                                             -24-Hour Ticket Concierge Service (Rebook for flight delays)  $50                                        -Award Travel Booking*                                                                 $150

*Discounts available for one-way and domestic award tickets

To make a request, email me at 0hassleawards@gmail.com.  Please include:

  • Origin/Destination
  • Available Miles (If Award Trip)
  • Preferred Class of Service (Economy/Economy Plus/Business/First)

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