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DC For 4 Days: Exploring DC, Part 2

Introduction, PSC-SLC, SLC-DTW, DTW-DCA, Ritz Carlton Pentagon City Review, Exploring Washington, DC-Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4; DCA-ATL, ATL-MSP, MSP-PSC, Conclusion

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I slept in a little, then got up and grabbed breakfast in the Club Lounge.  I took the metro the the Capitol South Metro stop and then walked around for a little bit.  It was a gorgeous day, and rather quiet, so I took a peaceful stroll while admiring the architecture.

Library of Congress Fountain Statues

I walked for a little ways, by the Library of Congress, the Supreme Court and Capitol Administrative buildings, and then headed down Constitution Avenue.

I had heard great things about Charlie Palmer’s, so I decided to get some lunch there.  I had read that it is a great place for politico watching during lunch, but I didn’t see anyone I recognized.

For whatever reason, I didn’t take pictures of my entrees, but I did snag a picture of my dessert:

Fabulously Presented Dessert

After finishing my nice lunch, I hailed a cab to get me to the meeting location for my Segway Tour.  I probably could have walked there, but considering my recent history, I decided not to push it.

The price seemed a little steep, at around $80 for a 2-hour tour, but I had read great reviews about it, and it was well worth it.  I should mention that I have toured DC on trolley, on bus, on bike, and on foot–and by far on segway is the best way to see the sigths.

It does take a bit of getting used to, but they do a great job of training you how to use it in the shop, and it can be picked up rather quickly.  You are given a mini speaker so that you can hear your tour guide as you go racing along.

Segway Tour

And the tour guide did a great job–he was very knowledgeable.  While this was more of a “general” tour, he himself was a Free Mason so he was able to provide us with a lot of intriguing knowledge.  National Treasure or Angels & Demons, anyone?

Now I segway back to my point about the best way to see the city….(no pun intended)   If you are in a bus or a trolley, the very fact that you are in a vehicle impedes your ability to take in your surroundings somewhat, in my opinion.  On a segway, however, all the mobility advantages of being on foot–including being able to go right up to the steps of the Capitol building, (try that on a bike, I dare you), while zipping along.

The bicycle/segway lane on Pennsylvania Avenue is not on the side like on other streets, but rather down the middle of the street which I think is really cool!

Pennsylvania Avenue

Some Famous Guy Lives Here

It was a little crowded in front of the White House, but then when isn’t it.  I am always amazed by how much foreigners gawk at it as well.  Sure it is a famous landmark, but I can’t remember a time when I have ever dreamed about seeing where the Prime Minister of Japan lives!

US Department of the Treasury

Capitol Building West Terrace

National Mall Looking West

It was somewhat of a busy weekend, considering it was graduation weekend in the area.  As I found out, George Washington University has the unique distinction of being the only college to have its commencement ceremony in front of the Capitol Building.

Newseum - The Museum of News

Police on Horseback

I had not had much of a chance to see the Smithsonian Museum of American History, so following my thrilling DC tour on parallel wheels, I headed over there.

Who knew Abraham Lincoln looked so different in his early years?

I headed back to the hotel, and grabbed a quick dinner snack at Ritz-Carlton Club Lounge.

Then I headed to a Washington Nationals game, via Metro.  You never know what you will find in a city’s mass transit system:

Sonix, The Rapper

Actually, I have to hand it to him.  Sonix, as he referred to himself, was rather pleasant to talk to.  I complemented him on his unique hair-do, and he even agreed to let me take his picture.

I was excited when I arrived at the stadium, because somehow I had managed to never attend a Major League baseball game.  The stadium was fairly empty, and I was a little late, so the ticket agent was kind enough to re-accommodate me to another section.

My Section, via ESPN Highlight Reel (I was 10 Feet from where a Home run ball landed--Can you find me?)

After arriving watching the game for a little bit, I took the pleasure of re-seating myself to an even better section, behind third base.

Washington Nationals Game

The game was quite fun, and I found myself soon getting into it.  The baseball gods must have smiled on me, because the game even went into extra innings! It was once said about Washington DC concerning their baseball franchise: “First in War, First in Peace,… and Last in the American League.”  This figured to be true as they ended up losing to the hapless Florida Marlins.

Following the game, I returned to my hotel spent and exhausted…

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