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Donate Miles to Make-A-Wish

Travel Hackers are a generous bunch, if you didn’t already know.  When I attended the Chicago Seminars last fall, I found that out first-hand.

So when I heard that one of my area’s local TV stations was having a phonathon tonight for donating miles to Make-A-Wish, I jumped right in.

Make A Wish - Wishes In Flight

For those that may not know, Make-A-Wish is a charity that provides dream vacations (such as trips to DisneyWorld) to children with threatening medical conditions.

My Delta SkyMiles mileage total ended in a very odd number (xxx979, I think)  so I donated the spare mileage plus a few thousand miles knowing I was indirectly helping sick kids fulfill their dreams, and if only briefly, making their lives a bit more enjoyable.  Funny story that happened to me was the lady on the other end of the phone asked me when my miles expired.  I proudly proclaimed “Delta SkyMiles never expire!”

To donate to Wishes In Flight, which is the mileage side of Make-A-Wish, you can click here.

We as travel hackers/points junkies are accused (whether true or not) of taking an awful lot, so I think it is always great to give back–no matter how little.  You’ve probably been blessed a lot in life, even in ways you don’t realize, so give back for once.  No phonathon required!

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