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Thank You

I started this blog about 2 months ago, and have to admit that it has grown a little bit faster than I thought it would have.  I have to thank each and every person who has visited this site for that!  I am serious when I say that I really do appreciate anyone who visits this site.

Suffice it to say that when I started Field Of Burch, I did not envision the honor of being featured on another blog.  I am very grateful of Daraius from Million Mile Secrets for featuring me on his page today.  I have a lot of respect for his site and think he does a fabulous job, and have loved his interview series so far.  It makes me feel even more thankful to realize I am part of an interview series that has featured a number of renowned bloggers, including The Frugal Travel Guy, View From the Wing, One Mile At A Time, Mommy Points, and New Girl in the Air.

I wasn’t even sure if Daraius would mention my Travel/Award booking service when I did the interview.  But in BIG form, Daraius went above and beyond.  I was honored to find that he even linked directly to my “Need Award Help” page.  I just ask that if you have award travel needs, give me a chance.  If I can’t get your ticket there is no charge.  And as I alluded to in the article, I am still unemployed so any business is greatly appreciated!

Also, if you know of any Engineering leads, let me know:)  I hate to beg, but I realize the travel hacking community is very generous, and I guess it never hurts to ask!

Again thank you readers, and thank you Daraius!  I look forward to the opportunity to provide great content on the world of travel hacking.


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2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Up&Away on said:

    Found your website as a result of your interview with Darius. Looking forward to reading your blogs on the ITA software as this is not something I’ve tackled to date.

    What kind of an engineer are you? (Asked not in a stalker-ish sort of way, but I have some engineering friends who may have jobs available.)

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