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More Marriott Rewards….Just For Me?

I know that most folks don’t place a lot of value in Marriott Hotels and their loyalty program Membership Rewards.  In general I wouldn’t advise consider chasing after top-tier status with them, considering how stingy they tend to be in general at each of their elite levels.

Where this is especially apparent is in the exclusion of suite upgrades to top-tier members, in addition to the general lack of amenities at check-in and comped breakfast.  Furthermore, consider that in a little over the required nights to reach Marriott Platinum, (75) I could make top-tier status withStarwood, Hyatt, AND Hilton hotels.

That said, I have personally had very few negative experiences with Marriott, and find their hotels–across all brands (JW Marriott, full-service, Courtyard, Fairfield, etc.) to be clean and comfortable.  Even as a lowly Silver Elite (10 Qualifying Nights) I have been given Club Lounge access some of the time.   In addition, they have hotels just about EVERYWHERE which can be pretty hard to beat, especially if you find yourself in a smaller market.

My general strategy for this year is to have a couple of stays with them just to maintain some status with them, while focusing on earning top-tier status with Hyatt and possibly also Starwood.

In general though, I guess you could say that I have been a loyal customer to them.  Yet I am still a little bit skeptical about the email that they sent me–it seems to good to be true:

Dear Mr. Field Of Burch:

More Rewards. Just for You.

Dear Bryce Burchfield:

We greatly appreciate your loyalty and have selected you
to be part of a small group to receive special exclusive
offers this year. Whether traveling for business, weekend
getaways or dream holidays, we hope you enjoy our
program’s many advantages as much as we enjoy having
you as a member.

We’re always working to bring our membership new
benefits this year. In addition to benefits enjoyed by all
Elite members, we’ll provide a small group of members
special exclusive offers. Because of your loyalty and
commitment, you are a part of this select group.
  (Their Bolding)

Throughout the year be sure to look for your exclusive
offers through the mail, email and online at


Ed French
Senior Vice President
Marriott Rewards

P.S. Be on the lookout for unique offers and special deals just for you from Marriott Rewards.

Ready to dismiss this as nothing more than clever marketing, I decided to do some research.  but could not find much out.  I did find a recent MilePoint thread started on the subject, and a FlyerTalk post from a few years back, but no concrete answers.

Is it really to provide exclusive offers for a “small group of members” or a clever marketing ploy?  I would love to know, but in the mean time feel honored and



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