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A Tale of Two Delta Videos

Delta, my preferred Airline of choice recently came out with an interesting TV commercial.  Some complain, but I love the film-noir essence of relevance that the black and white aspect projects into their advertisements.

It certainly speaks to the untamed world of air travel that we find ourselves in.  A world in which the lines are long, TSA measures are ever-changing but never pleasant, and oil prices  only seem to be going up.  But through this ad they attempt to show a consistent, caring attitude towards each passenger, every time.  In essence, they portray that they care.

Juxtapose that with this video by one of my favorite comedians, Kenn Kington.  I came across his video as a link to Delta’s new commercial:

I have to sympathize a little bit with Kenn, and certainly got a kick out of the ode to the infamous safety video flight attendant, Deltalina.  But at the same time I don’t know the whole story.  We all treat people poorly at times.  Maybe the customer service rep had a bad day?  Even if she is a bad apple, every business is bound to have them.  Also,  I think it worth mentioning that he flew Delta for over 22 years with very few problems it would seem.

Altogether, I don’t think one bad experience justifies switching your loyalty.  If it happened repeatedly, sure.  But from my experience, and from those who vote in the Freddie awards, Delta is still a top-notch airline.

In general, I think they do a marvelous doing what one of the taglines says: “Predict the unpredictable, anticipate the unexpected, and never let the rules overrule common sense.”

Of course, I have always thought it odd that a major airline, which projects a consistent product in a world of change, when their name is derived from the Greek letter used to denote change!

Or did I just cross the “Line?”

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3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Delta Videos

  1. Delta is my backup airline, so I’m a big fan of their service, but this is funny stuff! Love the spoof of the safety video!

  2. Well written. The event that pushed me to do the clips was the “straw” that broke the camels back. There were multiple incident that I simply let go. Too much to hang on to when you fly every week. Yet, when bad attitudes become normal operating procedure it made me ask, why do I continue to endure it? THEN one major day of total arrogance simply push me to change. Multiple folks with a similar arrogance.
    Almost a year later. I have flown Delta. Someone started informing employees that people have a choice. The attitude is getting better. There are always going to be bad days are circumstances in travel out of our control. That makes it all the more important to make the most of what IS in our control. I voted with my $money$ cutting my travel on delta by over 70% since that day. I continue to vote this way. To spend over $30k in travel a year and get consistently treated poorly was a mistake. I changed to see what options exsist.

    Delta is getting better. I look forward to seeing how SW works now they are in ATL.

    Delta actually has some of the best flight experiences overall. The issue is/was getting to and on the plane. The electronic option to avoid having to even deal with that aspect is a great decision on mgr.s part.

    Time wi tell if Delta has put a bandaide on the problem or actually committed to customer service.
    PS the clip was made to run for one year from the costly trip. It will be pulled in mid June.

    You did a very good job writing your view with clarity and opinion. Good job. Kenn

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