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Chicago Seminars Almost 50% Full – Book Now

As I mentioned last month, the Chicago Seminars will be happening again at the Holiday Inn Elk Grove Village October 12-14th.   I attended for the first time last year, and picked up quite a bit of information.

You can register via this link, but HURRY–the conference is already about 50% full.

Here is the itinerary for the weekend:

Friday, October 12

6:30-7:20 PM Rookie Bootcamp: with Dave Homyak
7:30-8:30 Delta SkyPesos to Delta Gold: with John Nielsen OR Travel Technology with Cliff Stratton

Saturday, October 13

7:00-8:15 Breakfast
8:30-10:00  Beginner: FF 101 Pudding Guy and Credit Cards for Newbies with Rick Ingersoll
OR Advanced: Itasoftware and Expert Flyer with Cara Kreft and Chris Lopitino

10-10:15 AM Coffee Break

10:30 to Noon  Beginner: US Airways Grand Slam with Mommy Points and Elite Status- Challenges and Fast-tracks with BikeGuy/Pudding Guy
OR Advanced: Captain Denny Flanagan Author

Noon to 1 PM Lunch

1-2:45 PM Beginners: Mileage Runs with Ben Schalippig (aka Lucky from One Mile at a Time)
OR Advanced: Transfers and Bonus Category Credit Cards with Brian Kelly (aka The Points Guy)

2:45 – 3PM Coffee Break

3-5PM Beginners: Award Booking with Ben Schlappig
OR Advanced: Moderated Airline Breakout Sessions with Geoffco (top tier status all 3 alliances)

5-6PM Meet the Speakers: Cash Bar/Hotel Lobby

6-? Advanced: Q and A Mileage Runs and Award Booking with Ben Schalippig and Brian Kelly
OR The Cruising Crowd with Marshall Jackson (aka MJ on Travel)

Sunday, October 14

7:00-8:30 Breakfast

8:30-10:00 AM Sponsors Workshop

10-10:15 AM Coffee Break

10:15-Noon Beginner : Belkin (Beaubo) as a Beginner
OR Advanced: Hotel Breakout Session

Noon to 1:00PM Lunch

1:00-3:00 PM
Beginner: Gift Card Churning with Frequent Miler and Shopping Mall Bonanzas with Hans Golden
OR Advanced: Blogger Questions and Answers

3:00-4:00 PM Randy Petersen State of the Industry
Hope to see you there!


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2 thoughts on “Chicago Seminars Almost 50% Full – Book Now

  1. worldtraveller2 on said:

    Did you really get that much out of it? I went too and felt like I knew more than about 75% of the people I cam accross, but then met others that knew about 1000% more than me. Also the well knowns were friendly and nice, but they were obviously off limits and closed off to their own circles that they have already created. Really hard *next to impossible) to get into the inner circles.

    • Worldtraveler2 – Thanks for the response. I think it depends on personal attitude and how open you are.

      I’m not one for dropping names, but a certain Flyertalk founder talk to me. And there was another instance where I didn’t want to eat by myself in the hotel restaurant and eating with a few well-known bloggers, some of whom will be presenting there later this year. One of them was even generous to pay for my meal.
      My point for bringing those experiences up worldtravveler2, is not to brag about who I met–anyone there has that opportunity, but point out how generous people are. Granted, I am generally an outgoing person,, so it is a lot easier for me to do than it would be some others It doesn’t mean they will share every facet of their knowledge—and sometimes it may be better that way, but I recall anyone flat-out refusing to speak to me.

      But people are there because they want to, and feel led to share at least a portion of the knowledge they have gained. And I was able to learn from others with the same amount of knowledge I had, and from the 1000%ers as wells.

      I hope this advice hopes, and I really hope and didn’t seem like I was railing on you—it may just be a personality thing, and I think it is a matter of being engaging.
      And I guarantee you worldtraveller2, if our paths ever cross there later this year or elsewhere, (I’m also known as JimBobDuggarIsABusyMan) I would be willing to let you into my circle (ok–I don’t really have one, but still) and talk with you.

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