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5,000 FREE MILES Brought to You By Spirit Airlines & Hertz #1 Club Gold

Spirit Airlines (yes that Spirit, with quite the sense of humor) is giving away 5,000 Free Spirit frequent flyer miles, to Hertz #1 Club Gold status members.  Just register  via this link, by May 15, 2012.  Per the Terms & Conditions, the miles will post within 6-8 weeks.

Spirit-Hertz Sign-Up Page

While Hertz #1 Club Gold status is a comped benefit of the American Express Platinum Card there is currently an even easier way to gain it.  Through April 30, complimentary Hertz #1 Club Gold membership (a $60 value) is available.

Am I crazy about miles and points, especially when they are Free?  HECK YES!  Am I crazy about Spirit Airlines?  No, not really.  But as AlwaysTravel commented, this is enough for round-travel within the same region, which could potentially come in handy in a pinch.

Sure they may nickel and dime (or nowadays Lincoln and Hamilton) you for baggage and food, but if the ticket is dirt cheap who really cares?

So whether or not you have Club Gold status, this promo won’t Hertz your wallet at all… (Bad Pun of the Day)

Hat tip to Mr. Gary.


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