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It Pays To Be An Elite Member…

Elite status with hotels and airlines is a big deal to me, and I wrote a month ago about all the reasons that I find it to be important.  The upgrades, waived fees, priority check-in and check-out, and special phone lines for customer support make having it very worth-while.

Well add to that, extremely expedited customer dispute resolution.  Last week Delta went above and beyond for me by using common sense, and granting an award redeposit.  As I alluded to, I decided to try to use miles to secure an upgrade on a red-eye flight from LAX to Tampa.  That upgrade never cleared–in fact I took a voluntary bump on that flight, yet it was applied to my Salt Lake to LAX flight.  The very flight that I ended up receiving a complimentary Medallion upgrade on.

Anyway, it had been well over a week since a supervisor had granted me the redeposit, and I had watched my SkyMiles account like a hawk, but no award redeposit.  So I decided last night to email Delta through their “Email us” page, the following email.  Oh and yes I did push my elite status in the email:

I requested an award re-deposit for a one-way mileage upgrade on itinerary XXXXXX. This request was granted by a supervisor, but the 12,500 miles taken out of my account have not been re-deposited. How much longer until these miles show up again?
Proud Gold Medallion

I honestly expected a delay of a day or so.  To my surprise, I received the following email only 10 minutes later:

Dear Mr. Burchfield,
Thank you for contacting us concerning the cancel and redeposit of your miles from your canceled upgrade. We sincerely apologize for the delay in processing.
Per your request, we have redeposited your upgrade award and these miles should now be in your account. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have further questions or concerns.Mr. Burchfield, thank you again for giving us an opportunity to respond to your request. We very much appreciate your Gold Medallion loyalty to Delta and look forward to the privilege of serving you again soon.
Medallion Desk

I checked and immediately the miles had posted to my account.  I made sure to thank them for the professionalism and quick response, and absolutely loved the shout-out to my Medallion status!

Maybe this shouldn’t surprise me as a Medallion member with Delta.  But in an age where long holds and grumpy customer service are the ordinary, it is quite refreshing to receive such quick and courteous service.

People ask why I remain loyal to Delta, despite all of their issues award tickets.  It is from cases like this that maintain my loyalty.

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