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UPDATE: FREE Hyatt Platinum Status for 90 Days

UPDATE: Chase is currently running better offer, with the annual fee effectively waived for the the first year.  In addition to all of the same benefits as before, a $75 statement credit will be awarded after the first purchase on the card.
The sign-up link has been updated accordingly.

As I covered in my post yesterday, the Hyatt Gold Passport program is offering a Platinum 90-day challenge.

The offer is targeted at Visa Signature cardholders, but just like Gary alluded to with respect to Visa Infinite card offers, you don’t need an actual card number, just one that is validI don’t know for sure in this instance, but suspect the same would be true.  Afterall, it would require complex and expensive software to actually verify whether the 16-digit card number you provide is yours or not.  So, one could theoretically Google the valid first several digits of a card number, then randomly assign the remaining numbers.  Please let me know your results if you try this.

Anyway, the reason I am posting an update on this is that while my status did not update instantaneously, (it’s the 21st Century, right?) I just checked it and a day later it has finally been updated:

Hyatt Gold Passport Updated Platinum Status

I forget to mention, but the perks of Hyatt Platinum status include:

  • 15% Hyatt points bonus, when choosing to earn points for your stay
  • Enjoy access to preferred (larger or high-floor) rooms. upon availability
  • Complimentary in-room internet access
  • 72-hour room guarantee
  • 2:00 PM late check-out, upon request

Of course, the real gem of this promotion would be to apply for the Hyatt card from Chase in order to receive 2 award nights and 2 suite upgrades, after your first purchase.


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