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Generally you get what you pay for, and according to Indulge the Waderlust, this could mean a payday of 44,000 Club Carlson Gold Points.

And knowing how to haggle can save you money and as Gary of View from the Wing reports, can help you save on rental cars.

And speaking of negotiation skills, knowing your cruise rights might mean you never take no for an answer, according to Frugal Travel Lawyer.

Which reinforces the fact that a little preparation ahead of time is important.  Points Miles & Martinis reminds us the importance of checking the upgrade list before you fly, if you are an elite on Delta.

The same sort of thing happened to me when traveling with my family recently, so work keeping in mind.

Of course, reading Delta Points’ advice on his blog in general is valuable.  So too could entering his contest to win a Nook 7 Tablet this week.

And speaking of treasures, MilesQuest has found some interesting ones on E-Bay.

And hopefully, I don’t think make the same mistake again with post like I did with my Renaissance Tampa International Plaza post, like I just did.  It was just saved as a draft, when I thought I had already hit “Publish.”

Grr, sorry about that–it had been sitting there since Sunday night.


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