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Degradation of Elite Status (?)

I originally intended to include the following in my ‘Round the Blogosphere post, but figured my “brief” thoughts might be taking up too much space:

An interesting article was published in the New York Times this past weekend on the degradation of elite status.  Like some of their other articles on travel, it does tend to blow things out of proportion.
Granted, the article has some fair points such as cutbacks on benefits for low-tier elites (ie Silver Medallions) and non-elites able to buy “once-reserved perks à la carte.”
But at the end of the day status still makes things more reasonable.  For example, my mid-tier Gold Medallion status on Delta has earned me upgrades 60% of the time, snack/drink coupons for when I am not upgraded, free checked bags, and an improved customer service experience.
Thus, I would agree with both  Gary and Brian that elite status is important.

The article at least included a neat chart, sans the mileage upgrade option:

Upgrade Maze, Courtesy of the New York Times


Upgrade Maze, Courtesy of the New York Times

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