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The TSA Goes Off Their Rocker…Again

I don’t think it can be very good publicity when I all have to do is Google the infamous letters “T-S-A” to discover their latest fiasco:

Melinda Deaton, was flying out of Dallas Love Field, when the TSA strip-searched her, which included a swabbing of her implanted feeding tube.

To their credit, the TSA officially said that this was wrong on their part, but this process could have easily given her an infection.  Adding insult to injury to Deaton, who suffers complications from a prior surgery, she was headed to the Mayo Clinic in Minneapolis for a doctor’s appointment.

So why do I share this, you ask?  I used to be less willing to simply post about stories in the news, as you can get that information anywhere.  And I think to some degree the TSA does keep our nation somewhat safe from crazy folks bent on destruction.

But as a “journalist” of sorts, I feel obliged to use my right of free speech to speak out against such idiotic behaviors.  Behaviors that besmirch the reputation of an entity whose purpose is to protect people, and make folks like myself think they are the crazy ones to watch out for.

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