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What Do You Think of Airport Hotels?

I am planning a trip for next weekend to Atlanta (yes, a Tennessee football game is involved) and made the decision to spend Saturday and Sunday night at the Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel.

Now before anyone barks at me for wanting to stay there, a couple of factors were involved.  Hotel availability these two nights was H-O-R-R-I-F-F-I-C, and was wanting to use some MegaBonus certificates I had earned with Marriott.  In addition, while I might try to hotel hop during this time, visiting some friends  Sunday morning/afternoon would make this a pain up the wazzou.

Anyway, I think I choose the best available option given the circumstances, and realized there seems to be a stigma toward airport hotels, in my estimation.  However, I have usually found this accusation to be unfounded.  I staid at the Renaissance Newark Airport Hotel for the Freddie Awards, and actually found it to be fairly elegant.

Renaissance Newark Airport Hotel

So have I gone off the deep end, or is the stigma regarding airport hotels inaccurate?


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