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Georgia On My Mind: Pasco to Salt Lake City

Pasco, WA (PSC) to Salt Lake City, UT (SLC)
Salt Lake City (SLC) to Los Angeles, CA (LAX)

I made it to the airport about an hour before my flight’s (early) departure of 6:35 AM.

In the past my usual routine has been to jump straight into the SkyPriority line, courtesy of my Gold Medallion status on Delta.  However, I have learned that if I want to print my boarding pass–which I needed to do in this case, I would be sent to one of the kiosks. I know they do this to make it “easier” and require fewer ticket agents, but it sorta irks me.  Not that I am an elite-ist, but generally it means those with status are not helped immediately and still have to wait a little bit at times.

Evil Kiosks

Anway, one of them opened up right away, so I went ahead and printed my boarding pass, then used the Sky Priority cue to drop off my bag.

At most airports, my Delta Gold Medallion status Whether using the elite check-in line, or not they will simply re-direct you to the kiosks to print boarding passes, which I needed to do, unfortunately.


I headed through the single security lane (which hopefully they will add to soon, as part of a proposed airport expansion in Pasco, if anyone cares)  and to the gate area.

While, my Salt Lake to LAX upgrade cleared at the Gold Medallion window essentially four days out, my other two flights had not.  This had me watching the upgrade lists like a hawk, especially since I could tell I was close to clearing.

As it turned out, I was #3 on the list for 1 First Class seat on the flight to Salt Lake City.  Ahead of me on the list was a couple, and I noticed the gate agent call them both over, and inquire about their status.  While they both claimed to be Gold Medallions–meaning they were likely booked on a higher fare class than I was, the agent informed them that only the husband could be upgraded.  This led me to check with the agent myself, and he informed me it was still possible, but didn’t appear likely.

I went ahead and boarded, noting there was still an empty seat in First.  More and more of the boarding process went on, and still an empty seat.   After most passengers had boarded, the same agent came over to me and said he would check on something… He went further back in coach, and upgraded the wife to the empty seat in First.  RATS!!! Oh so close, oh well!

Delta 3359
Pasco, WA (PSC) – Salt Lake City (SLC)
Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Depart: 6:35 AM
Arrive: 9:09 AM
Duration: 1 Hr 34 Min

Aircraft:  CRJ-900
Seat: 5B (Economy Comfort)

While obviously disappointed about barely missing an upgrade, it didn’t make a huge difference because it was a fairly short flight (only up in the air for about an hour) and there was no breakfast service in First, anyway.

Plus, as crazy as it sounds, I probably had more legroom than anyone else on the plain–including First Class, considering I was in the first row of Coach, where the configuration changes from 3 to 4 across:

Seat 5B Legroom on a CRJ-900

As a side note, this is considered Economy Comfort now, which costs an extra $15-$25 (I think) if you do not have Gold or higher status, on Delta.  While these Delta elites can select Economy Comfort immediately after being ticketed, if status you lack, you can request these seats within 24 hours of departure, or time of check-in.

As I learned from my seatmate, an Alaska Gold MVP, is not only is there upgrade reciprocity for Alaska elites on Delta, they are not able to select Economy Comfort for free, until 24 before departure.

Like most Regional Jet flights, there wasn’t much excitement, and just enough time for a drink and snack service.


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