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Georgia On My Mind: Westin Atlanta Airport

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Hotel Review: Westin Atlanta Airport

Considering how busy Labor Day weekend in Atlanta was, I fortunate to book my Friday night stay at the Westin Atlanta Airport–despite the stigma of being an airport hotel, for 3,000 Starwood points, before the rate went up to 4,000 closing in.  Added to this, I was able to secure a confirmed suite upgrade for only 1,500 more points, making it the best 4,500 Starwood points I ever spent.

Keep in my that Starwood awards stay credit AND elite bonus points for award stays, so I even got a small return on my investment! 🙂  Also, I do try my best to stay hydrated when traveling, so I appreciate that Starwood places at least one ~20 ounce water bottle in each room, FREE of charge, unlike some hotels/brands that make you pay for the water, or only provide you with a mini bottle.  I’m still a Marriott loyalist, but Starwood is slowly growing on me.

Anyway, after waiting a few moments, I was able to check-in.  It’s not a huge deal for me, but I had to do some negotiation about my amenities.  As a Starwood Gold, they wanted my amenity to be free late check-out, which would have been worthless to me–I was planning on leaving well before noon.  Thus, I asked about complimentary internet, and after specifying that I needed it, my request was granted.  A little teeth pulling, but it probably wounds worse than it was.  I suppose I am a good negotiator, because in the end I talked my way into the Governor’s suite, versus the Junior suite I was booked into.

I was warned it might be loud on the 10th (top) floor, but the irony in retrospect is that I returned after the “noise” had subsided.  And generally, once asleep, I can sleep soundly through even thunderstorms–“What Storm?”

I schlepped my luggage up to my room on the 10th floor, which was right across from the elevator and had a scenic, yet a slightly scary view of the atrium:

Atrium View

This was the first time I had ever stayed in a hotel room with two seperate doors, side by side, as the Governor’s Suite is really two interconnected rooms, as I will describe.

Westin Atlanta Airport Governor’s Suite

Directly to the right when you enter the room was a small kitchen with a fridge and a sink.

Kitchen Area

Past the hallway was the main living area of the suite with a couch, chairs, coffee table and a TV.

Living Room

The connecting part between the separate rooms was a glass door, toward the back and to the left of the main entrance.

A peculiar arrangement I suppose, and maybe a bit much for a single person–but I wasn’t complaining!

Through the door was the bedroom area, with desk and TV, and another fridge, in addition to the ones in the kitchen and the living room.  Maybe a bit much?


One issue I had was that the closet, (at the back of the picture above) which did not have much room for Bertha, my suitcase, due to the rather inconvenient placement of a safe.  As a result, I had to place the suitcase rack on top of the safe, which made the entire arrangement a bit tipsy.

For a suite the bathroom wasn’t all that large, but serviceable.

Bathroom Sink

Of course, I shared my issues with the room’s shower at the time, which was the “double” Heavenly showerheads:  EPIC FAIL, WESTIN!


Shower Head Fine Print

I apologize about the blurriness of my superb (camera) phone and in case you have trouble reading it says:

“One of your Heavenly Shower heads has been turned off in an effort to minimize water usage and protect one our most important resources.
To experience the most out of your Heavenly Shower, you can turn the second shower head on by pushing the small button behind the lower head.”

I tweeted my issue to SPG, and they were prompt in saying that while no compensation could be provided (I still had a working shower head) they would flag this as an issue.

Overall, I wouldn’t call the hotel schwank– it’s a bed and a shower, and without a club lounge.  But if you are in need of an affordable hotel to stay at in Atlanta, it’s certainly a reasonable option.


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