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Georgia on My Mind: Exploring Atlanta

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Exploring Atlanta

As I mentioned in the introduction post, Atlanta is a city that I am very familiar with, yet I still had never visited their aquarium, which is billed as being the largest in the world.  During my stay at the Ritz-Carlton, I inquired about a ticket to the concierge staff, and they were more than willing to go and snag me one (saving me about $2, actually) even though it meant running down to the lobby.

The exhibits are spaced out around a fairly large atrium, which makes getting between them very easy.  While I enjoyed some of them, such as the touch pools and large whale watching room, the rest of it was alright, in my opinion.

Touch Pool


Sting Ray Pool (w/ Sting Ray Barbs Removed)

Large Viewing Room


Two other neat features in the aquarium is a long hallway with an arched tank overhead, so that you stare straight up at the marine life.

Also, they have a dolphin show twice a day–which I just barely missed.  However, I did at least get to see the dolphins swimming around in their tank:

Whale Tank

While I deemed it “alright,” the aquarium did at least have some interesting oddities:

4″ Spider Crab

Eletric Eel

While I was in Atlanta, I also made a visit out to Six Flags Over Georgia, which I hadn’t been to in about a dozen years.  Granted, it was a little challenging to get there since I didn’t have a rental (or much of a reason to get one).  I ended up taking a taxi out there, and taking a bus back.  Anyway, my time there was well worth it.



Of course, long-time blog readers of mine will know that the MAIN event for me was the Tennessee-NC State football game in the Georgia Dome.

I never actually found my seat, as I was able to sit with a friend due to the fact that there were roughly 11,000 empty seats.

And at least on this date, all was right in the football world! 🙂


“The Leather Helmet”

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