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Monday Travel Funny: Unusual Towns

Nearly every state has common town names like Dayton and Columbia, but it’s always fun to travel somewhere with a weird and unusual name.  The following list is certainly not complete, rather it includes the strangest of the strange, in my opinion:

1.  1770, Queensland, Australia – I wonder what year it was founded…

2. Bagdad, Florida, U.S.  – No WMDs here.

Bagdad, Florida

Bagdad, Florida

3.  Batman, Turkey – Nuh na na nuh Turkey.  The main crime is Robbin’.

4. Bob’s Farm, New South Wales – Bob was not very creative.

5. Fifth of Forth, Scotland – Or Third of Second?

6. Flippin, Akansas, U.S. – Home to one of my favorite churches, the Flppin Church of God.

7. George, Washington, U.S. – Home to a very popular concert venue, the Gorge Amphitheater, aka “The Gorge in George.”

George, WA

George, WA

8. Hell, Michigan, U.S. – Hell on earth… check that, Michigan.

9. Truth or Consequences, NM – Truth or Dare anyone? 

10. Come By Chance, Newfoundland – Perhaps I will.

Honorary Mention:

  • Zzyzx, California, U.S..  Pronounced “Zasicks,” this named was name so it would be listed last alphabetically.  It receives only honorary mention, as no one currently resides there.
ZZyzc, CA

ZZyzc, CA

  • Zillah, Washington, U.S.A. –   Not the most unusual of names, but it does have the Church of God, Zillah!
Church of God, Zillah

Church of God, Zillah


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