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Rapid Travel Chai has a great post on playing Delta’s “Need” Help” kiosk slot machines…. You may not end up being a Mega Millionaire from it, but it is definitely worth a try!

As crazy as I am about miles and points, I love a good, clean, shenanigan. Which is why I appreciate Million Mile Secrets post on simple tips and tricks to gain access to shorter airport security lines.

Just Another Points Traveler has a way to receive 1,000 United miles, instantly.

Only using Chase credit cards for airfare purchases, according to Deals We Like, may be a good idea.

View From the Wing had a post that reminded me of the need to give back to others, just as travel, miles and points have given to us.

And I am looking for a new blog handle. I have been working with a web developer on improving my blog’s image, and have been informed that while puny, the current name of my blog doesn’t necessarily get the point across. I am considering “Get the Point(s),” but would love suggestions, so here’s what I am doing:

Comment on this post with your suggestion—or any suggestion for that matter, and if I like your idea, you will be duly awarded by me. And yes, I do mean a real award!


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