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A Chance to Fly Singapore Suites Class From the US

The opportunity to travel at an affordable price, in ways I couldn’t have dreamed of, is where I have seen and continue to see the value in collecting miles and points.  And one of the most lucrative yet elusive awards has been Singapore Airlines Suites class on the Airbus A380.

Suites class transcends Singapore’s trademark lavish accommodations, gourmet  dining, and world-class service.  It’s not just a seat, it’s a private sanctuary–albeit at 30,000 feet up in the air.  An oasis in the sky.



While highly desirable, Singapore has not done a very good job of making Suites Class available on flights to and from the US.  While there are a few already as Ben pointed out, Singapore Air has announced the launch of additional A380 flights from the US:


Singapore Airlines serves San Francisco with two daily flights. Whether you’re going to Hong Kong, Seoul, Southeast Asia, or India, make Singapore Airlines your top choice. From December 28 to March 24 the A380 will be popping-up in SFO. Enjoy daily A380 service from San Francisco to Hong Kong and Singapore.


As Singapore Suites Class is only offered on their Airbus A380, if you wish to fly in Suites class from the US, this is the perfect opportunity.


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