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Johnny Jet has a handy post on how to find cheap holiday flights, starting with being flexible.

Just Another Points Traveler provides proof that you can have a slew of credit cards in your wallet, and still have an excellent credit score.

All is just “ducky” for Lufthansa Flyer.

If you didn’t hear the news, Lucky had an awful flight the other day.

Mommy Points put together a great post on the difference between stays and nights for earning elite hotel status.  Stays are usually the way to go!

I posted on 12 of the best credit card deals recently, and included the Chase Ink Bold Business Card.  As I pointed out, you don’t need to have your own business per say, and Million Mile Secrets has advice on how to fill out the application.

According to Rapid Travel Chai, you may actually be able to receive 4-5 Barclays credit cards, AT ONCE!

Gary asks an intriguing post on his blog, Do You Drink You Fly?  For me personally, I intend to indulge when it is freely available, whether when upgraded or from a Have One On Us coupon   Woodford on the rocks has become a favorite of mine! J

Another interesting question has been raised on the blogosphere: Do you pilfer from airport lounges?.  An insightful post by Live and Let’s Fly.  Or do I mean Live and Let’s Steal?

Wandering Aramean shares that the famed Tsujiki Fish market in Tokyo will be closing its doors in 2014.  While the market is being moved to provide more space it, the world will surely miss the loud, dark, cramped tourist trap of amazement that it is.

Personally, I have been intending to go to Tokyo soon, and this provides me more incentive to visit.  Although, I’d prefer not to find myself in Japan during winter.


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