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United Restrics Award Wallet Use for Tracking Miles

It’s happened again.  In what appears to be a growing trend, yet another airline has requested AwardWallet to display personal information.

Unfortunately, we are writing to inform you that United Airlines has sent us a letter asking to stop accessing information on your behalf from united.com. United Airlines stated that they are happy to discuss a potential business relationship with us but so far we have not been able to formalize anything. As a result we are forced to stop giving you the ability to access united.com website using the browser extension. Instead you can forward your United statements to your personal email address that you have with AwardWallet.

 According to hobo13 in this FlyerTalk forum, United seems to be negotiating with a felon.  That’s right, a felon.  The reports are that United ending its deal with AwardWallet, because the “potential business relationship” would really be a deal with UsingMiles.  And UsingMiles, founder, Austin Veith, was recently convicted for theft and securities fraud.  That sure makes United seem shady for dealing with Veith’s company.

Regardless, it doesn’t seem right that an airline can tell individuals what they can and can’t do through a third party.


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