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Marriott Announces Exciting Lifetime Status Changes

As I posted earlier in the year, I think the Marriott Rewards program actually provides great value, and it will only get better with their recent status challenges.

According to Loyalty Lobby, they have done their members a favor by making lifetime status much easier to achieve.

Previously, in order to achieve lifetime Silver, Gold, or Platinum status, you needed to have earned that status at least once, and been a Marriott Rewards member for a total of 12 years, in addition to fulfilling the nights and points requirements.  Additionally, the required nights stayed have been reduced somewhat.

Below are the updates lifetime Marriott Elite requirements, with the old requirements listed in parenthesis:


250 Nights (600) and 1,200,000 Points


500 Nights (800) + 1,600,000 Points


750 Nights (1,000) + 2,000,000 Points

I think these changes are positive for both the customers and the company.  Marriott is showing that they are willing do more in for those loyal to them, by providing customers with increased elite recognition.  In turn, this sort of move has a great way of providing Marriott additional business.


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