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Transfer Your BMI Diamond Club Miles Before They Expire!

Back in January, British Midland International (BMI) was awarding 1,000 Destination miles for signing up for a frequent flyer account.  IAG, the owner of British Airways bought out BMI and thus the Diamond Club program was acquired by British Airways.  As a result, BMI released the following statement:

“As part of the ongoing transition of bmi into British Airways, we looked at the future plans for Diamond Club and after careful consideration, have taken the decision to close Diamond Club for members outside of the UK and South West Pacific on 31 December 2012.”

While you could theoretically switch you address to a UK address to keep your BMI miles–a slightly risky option I seriously considered, it would do no good since you have to transfer them to Avios Adios Points to redeem them anyway.  Anyway, this implies you cannot transfer BMI Diamond Club Destination Miles after December 31.

British Airways is a fickle website to navigate, so it may prove helpful to describe the steps necessary to transfer your BMI Diamond Miles over.  Honestly, the frustrating was a little frustrating, and perhaps British Airways likes it that way..grr.

To start with you will need both your British Airways and BMI account information handy.  In my case, I use AwardWallet to track all of that for me.

Next, you will need to access the “My Account” section of the BMI Diamond Club website.  Once you are on the “Transfer Destination Miles” page, click on the “Transfer Now” button toward the bottom.

1-Transfer Screen

After doing so, you will see a page describing British Airways’ mergers.  Proceed by clicking the “Combine my Avios” button at the bottom.


Then select the “Diamond Club” from the “Select your programme” (gotta love the Brits) drop-down menu.

3-Diamond Club

After selecting the “Diamond Club” option, you will be able to enter your Diamond Club Membership Number and Password.

4-Membership No.

After doing so, you will be able specify the amount to be transferred in the “Enter Amount” field.

5a-Enter Amount

Click the all-important mandatory, boring checkbox.


After doing so, you will see the “Success” page of relief:


Finally, enjoy your BA Avios points, and hopefully (ideologically) you can redeem them without mega surcharges!


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