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Million Mile Secrets “points” out some great ways to prevent frequent flier miles from expiring, without even flying!


View from the Wing had a “suite” post on using points for getting suites and upgraded rooms.


In his musings on traversing Kentucky, Rapid Travel Chai mentions an interesting site for finding quality local places to eat, RoadFood.  His blog has always been a good source for unique tips and information, and has lauded me for being different, so it only feels natural salute him for it with this post.


Another favorite of mine, Live and Let Fly, has a great post on how (not) to deal with a delay.  A harrowing story that reminds us that one of the best things to travel with is not an iGadget, credit card or even elite status (though it doesn’t hurt), but a good attitude.  I may be demanding at times, but I really do make an effort to understand where people come from.


So if you are hoping to improve your travel by buying status, Wandering Aramean is still happy to report that you can do that on American, through the end of the month.


ThePointsGuy features a great read on taking “AAdvantage” of Round the World Tickets on American Airlines, courtesy of filmmaker extraordinaire Gabriel Leigh.


New Girl in the Air has an interesting analysis of the British Airway program.  Avios… I mean Adios!


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