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For A Limited Time: Huge Membership Rewards Points Bonus for American Express Platinum/ Gold Sign-Ups

I am not sure how long it will last, but American Express has announced some of the largest sign-up bonuses for their Platinum and Gold cards, in over a year.  Currently, their respective (targed) bonuses are 100,000 and 50,000 Membership Rewards, respectively.  The links to their applications are below, although you may need to go through CreditCards.com, per Lucky.


Premier Rewards Gold Card

The Terms & Conditions state that you are not eligible for these offers if you have “had this product within the last 12 months or any Consumer ZYNC®, Green or Gold Card account within the last 90 days.”  That said, it never hurts to try! 🙂

I covered both the Platinum and Gold card benefits, in my credit card post about a month ago, and they certainly have some solid benefits, in addition to their MEGA bonuses..

Tip of the hat to The Points Guy.






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