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Make Sure Your Status Does Not Get Forgotten

There are, in my estimation, three different types of emails.  They are the outstanding kind, as in “You’ve been upgraded on your flight,” the average “Make Marriott #1 in the Freddies” and the disturbing “Your bank account has been hacked.”

Thank you Starwood Preferred Guest, the email I received from you earlier today I would have to put in the latter classification!  Grrr…

Allow to me share the following email with you:

SPG Email

“Based on your current data, it looks like you might be short the necessary stays or nights to renew your SPG Gold status. “

Perhaps on the so-so level of elite status along with Marriott Silver and Delta Silver Medallion, but it is nice to receive preferred rooms, free late checkout and complimentary in-room internet.

Fear not, I knew this couldn’t be true.  As I have written about on a couple of occasions now, there are some great benefits to the American Express Platinum card.  One of those is complimentary Gold Status with Starwood, for as long as you are a cardholder.

I still wouldn’t put it past Starwood to conveniently “forget” that I have status in their program, so I logged in to my account.  Fortunately, it showed both my current stay activity for the year (0) and status, so I figure it is current and will stay that way.

Account Pic

The lesson is, it may not have indicated any status at all, so if you are a lifetime status member or depending on a credit card for your status, it’s a good idea to check annually and ensure your loyalty programs have your elite status noted.

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