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It’s March Madness and That Means One Thing–Tournament of Bloggers Time!

Disclaimer: There are literally hundreds of travel bloggers out there, making it tough to compare most of them.  Rather, these are the main ones that I know about.  In no way do I intend to slight any of these—they are being lauded by making the list, rather it is just a fun March Madness bracket.
And while it may seem un-objective to included my blog on the list, it seemed too fun not to, and in all fairness I seeded myself where I think belong—the bottom of the list.

As many of you may know I’m a huge sports nut, and consequently March Madness is one of my favorite events every, whether or not my favorite team got snubbed (again).

But sports is not what I am writing, so if it’s not your thing, have no fear, I still have a tournament you might care about.

In the spirit of things, I thought it might be quite fun to put together a tournament of travel bloggers. In this case, the results will be tallied by your votes over the next few weeks.  Again, I stress that this is just for fun, and not meant to slight anyone.

Below is the tournament field, which includes some of the best travel bloggers in the galaxy, with links to their blogs:

Deals We Like

First Class Flyer (Mr. Upgrade)
Frequent Flier University
Frequent Miler
Frugal Travel Guy
Frugal Travel Lawyer
Hack My Trip
Heather Poole
Hillary Stockton on Travel Sort
Indulge the Wanderlust
Johnny Jet
Just Another Points Traveler
Lee Abbamonte
Live and Let’s Fly
Loyalty Traveler
Lufthansa Flyer
Marshall Jackson
Mile Value
Million Mile Secrets
Mommy Points
Noob Traveler
One Mile at a Time
Paddy in the Big Apple
Perrin Post
Point Me to the Miles
Point Me to the Plane
Points, Miles & Martinis
Rapid Travel Chai
The Mr. Pickles
The Points Guy
Travel Blogger Buzz
Very Good Points
View From the Wing
Wandering Aramean
Will Run for Miles

And I realize EightBlack of FlyerTalk is not a travel blogger per se, but his trip reports on FlyerTalk are legendary, and thus certainly deserves to be included.

Just like the NCAA tournament, I decided to include a few play-in games to include a few more bloggers.  Seeding the field was a little difficult, but ultimately there’s some great match-ups, even in the first round:

Tournament of Bloggers (Excel File)

Tournament of Bloggers Bracket

You can vote for which bloggers move onto the next round by commenting on this post.


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7 thoughts on “It’s March Madness and That Means One Thing–Tournament of Bloggers Time!

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  2. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen on any blog.

  3. Bj peake on said:

    Great you showed me some blogs I might not have found otherwise.
    Can’t get to much info and tip offs.

  4. I think it’s fun and creative

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