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Delta Goes Above and Beyond For Me

I mentioned otherday just how addicted I am to travel hacking, and more specifically elite status.  Well, I just wanted to share one more example.

I am headed to the Freddie Awards and Frequent Traveler University (BTW—please hit me up there!!) next weekend.  In order to make it to the Freddies on Thursday evening from the West coast, required booking a slightly more expensive fare, in this case a K fare.  The great thing about K fares on Delta is that they are eligible for mileage upgrades.  Now ever since I became a Medallion on Delta I have strayed from them, as my complimentary upgrade percentage has been just north of 50%.  But considering I was already in a K fare and I knew from experience that the route I was flying could be a tough upgrade, I decided to pull the trigger and use 12,500 miles to “upgrade” my experience.

Only problem was, the upgrade space on the outbound from PSC to MSP wasn’t available.  I decided to go ahead and waitlist anyway, with the additional flight upgraded as well.  I wasn’t even sure if it would clear, but I though it would at least improve my upgrade chances, and at best I would receive an email confirming the upgrade.

But to my astonishment and delight, I received a phone call from a Delta agent, confirming that the upgrade had indeed cleared, and asking right away if I would prefer window or aisle.  It may be a small  thing, but in my opinion this is where Delta really excels, especially for elites such as myself.  I was taken back that they valued me enough to take time to contact me, and help in personally securing the upgrade.  It’s good, common sense!


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