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Being Nice is Never Devalued

I rang up United today, and was reminded the importance of patience and being nice.

Background Story

Last year, my family and I had travel nearly interrupted when United abruptly cancelled the outbound flight of our trip. Due to some quick thinking on my part (I find it’s always helpful to call on your cell phone line rather than wait with the masses) I got us re-routed on Delta, and we actually arrived sooner than originally expected.

My Call to United

Flash forward today. It’s nearly been a year, and I realize I still need to request original flow mileage credit for a family member if they are to earn miles from the ticket. Yikes!

I called up United, and provided the information, but only after an extensive wait on the phone. I should note that I could have easily grown impatient with the agent. Rather, I kept my calm.

Keep Calm

I was informed that while mileage the return could be credited, because the outbound was on another carrier, they could not provide mileage credit for that portion of the trip. Which is of course, WRONG information. But, no need to be defensive.

I maintained my cool, and simply asked “O, really, why is that?” It would have been easy to get defensive and upset, but by responding patiently and playing dumb a little, I was able to disarm the agent. She said she would check something, then came back a minute later and retracted what she had said—the miles could in fact be credit!

The Lesson

I know folks who would become quickly irate, but in doing so you make no friends for yourself—you make enemies.

So do yourself and everyone a favor today if they tell you something you don’t want to hear: Be Nice. They just might go the extra mile for you!


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