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A Delta Flight Attendant Who Sets the Bar High

I was traveling recently to New York for Flyertalk’s infamous Brooklyn Reality Tour  and had a flight attendant who was truly exceptional.

Thomas was the flight attendant in charge of First Class, but frankly I don’t think it would have made a difference in service, as he was truly attentive, friendly while maintaining a professional level of courtesy, and had a great sense of humor. Personality-wise he reminds me of a combination of the ever-affable Randy Peterson and Captain Denny, for those who have the fortune to meet both of those individuals.

The first thing I noticed of Thomas was that he went person to person through First Class asking very politely if we would like something to drink prior to takeoff. Sure, any First Class flight attendant should do this, but he took drink orders one at a time and came across very personally.

As boarding continued, from the front of the plane I heard “This is your first flight, come this way!” I watched, in awe, as two young kids were shown around the cockpit and met another flight attendant. “How many other times” I thought, “in this post-9/11 security-crazed world, would other pilots and flight attendants be willing to do such a thing for kids?

During the course of the flight snacks were distributed (the flight time was just over an hour) whenever I had trash he was quick to nice and offer to take it me.

After talking to him for a while about travel (I knew just enough Italian from travels there to answer his “grazi” with “prego”) we exchanged contact information. Thomas, who is showing signs of the silver strands of wisdom, explained that he shares a last name with Iron Man and exclaimed “I’m Iron Man’s older brother!”

At the end of the short flight, there are not many flight attendants I have shaken hands with and been told “I will be contacting, you Bryce.”

Thomas’s service was quite exemplary, and he deserve to be recognized for his service.


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