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You Can Go Your Own Way with Airplane Food

Just mention the term “airplane food” many and you’re likely to be met with repulsed response.

Brining Your Own Food On An Airplane

Airplane Food Can Be Repulsive

(Photo Provided by Shutterstock)

Fortunately, my knowledge of travel hacking has enabled me to have some great meals, including Delta One (transcontinental) Business Class:


GREAT Steak On Delta One

But depending on rout, airline, and last but not least class of service, your mileage may vary.

Which is why I found a New York Times article on frequent fliers opting for their own fresh meals very interesting.

On occasion I have followed suit, including bringing my own dry cereal and a banana through security with me, then purchasing milk before boarding my flight.  I have also frequented the Outback Cincinnati Airport by calling in my steak ahead of time when connecting there.

But there is certainly something to be said for bringing your own food with you, especially if it is healthier for you.  I suppose I better back off of the ice cream sundaes…


What foods do you bring with you when you travel?



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