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SCREAMING DEAL ALERT: Emirates First Class as Low As ~$2,200 One-Way

Emirates A380 First Class

Emirates First Class is highly regarded the world over, especially on the A380.  It is after all, Jennifer Aniston‘s favorite airline.  Like it or not, it’s hard to top an on-board experience that includes a private suite with doors, fully stocked on-board bar, and the ability to take a shower 6 miles up in the air.

Maputo Mozambique Fare Deal

Emirates A380 First Class Private Suite

Never mind dreaming about it any more.  And I’m not just talking about Google’s street view of an entire Emirates A380.  No, there’s a great way that you can experience Emirates First Class for as little as ~$2,200 one-way.

Via One Mile at a Time, Emirates has published some CHEAP long-haul First Class fares from Maputo, Mozambique, connecting via Johannesburg.

Possible Routes

For folks on the West Coast, fares from Maputo to San Francisco are currently ~$2,400 with some flexibility in the month of September:

Maputo Mozambique Fare Deal

Maputo to San Francisco Calendar for September


Donald WahlbMaputo Mozambique Fare Dealerg

Emirates First Class to San Francisco Fare Breakdown

After playing around with the dates a little bit I found out this deal gets even better for travel to the East Coast!

Fares from Maputo to Washington Dulles are even cheaper, for only about ~$2,200.  In fact, I was even able to get this to price on Emirates website:

Donald WahlbMaputo Mozambique Fare Dealerg

Emirates First Class to Washington for ~$2,200!!!

It just goes to show, you can settle for what others tell you, or do your own research and find even better results!

Is This a Good Deal?

To put this in perspective, keep in mind what an Emirates First Class ticket between Los Angeles and Cape Town would cost–over $5,000 each way, or $10,000 roundtrip:

Emirates First Class

$10,000 Ticket From Los Angeles to Cape Town

Personally, I would rather pay $2,200 than $5,000+ to experience all that is Emirates First Class, including complimentary limo transfers.

This is especially a good deal if you area considering travel to Southern Africa and open to booking a one-way outbound segment as well.  It should be noted that a visa is required for US Citizens visiting Mozambique, even if you are only transiting via the airport.



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