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How Not to Win Customers and Influence Travelers

I’m writing this post from the confines of the semi-amiable skies at 30,000 Feet on Delta Flight (DL) 1823 from Detroit (DTW) to Seattle (SEA).  And service has been over-the-top… well, for the most part.

This is the 2nd flight I’ve been on today, and I’ve noticed that the service has been quite friendly, almost in a weird way.  I watched passengers disembarking in Detroit be told “You have a nice and wonderful day.”  And on my flight to Seattle, during boarding passengers were greeted with “Happy Tuesday to you!”  Maybe a little weird, but don’t get me wrong, it makes sense.

After recent United’s fiascos (LeggingGate and Dragnet) and American’s Whack-A-Mom ordeal, the decision to make a loud and clear that an airline cares about their customers, is a FANTASTIC idea.

All that said, shortly after takeoff I witnessed something that had me offended for the sake of another passenger.  The flight attendant took dinner orders from Back to Front since it was an odd flight (as opposed to Front to Back for an even flight, Hence Front Even/Back Odd or FEBO).  When finishing by taking a meal order from a passenger in the row in front row, there was only one meal option.  After the passenger voiced slight displeasure, the flight attendant uttered literally the WORST statement I’ve ever heard voiced to a customer in an airline’s premium cabin:  “You could BUY an item from the back.  To say that bothers me is an understatement, it literally SICKENS THE HECK out of me.

Look, I think offering an item in place of the only remaining option is a creative solution.  But to offer a premium cabin customer, who I suspect is an elite frequent flier and therefore one of an airlines most important customers is absolutely disgraceful.  Suggesting to a customer seated in a premium cabin that they can hand over even more money for something, doesn’t attract more customers, and demands apology.

Delta, if you want to distinguish yourself from two of your biggest domestic competitors, I would strongly recommend changing course.  IMMEDIATELY.


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