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What’s in Your Award Wallet?

Award Wallet is a tool that many frequent travelers are familiar with.  You can find it here, and you can get a free version or pay an annual version for “upgraded” access to the site.  It keeps track of your miles and points–even for things like credit cards and dining.  In addition, it can be can be used to to keep track of mileage expiration dates and and account passwords, if you so choose.

I find that this site comes in handy.  If I want to sign into  my United balance, but don’t remember my password or Mileage Plus number.  I can simply login to my Award Wallet account, (which has is password-protected, fyi) double click on the program I want to access, and it will redirect me from them there.

Below is what my AwardWallet currently looks like:

My AwardWallet Page (Top)

I erased all of my account numbers for my own sake, thus the lines under “Account #.”  Also, I seem to have misplaced or forgotten my KLM password  and may have actually never signed up for a Qatar frequent flyer account, thus the error messages.

There are some random programs that I have signed up for and don’t really use, but again this is a great way to track it.  Award Wallet will even add up your combined point total for you, in case you don’t feel real rich–especially in this economy.


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