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30 SkyMiles Per Dollar at 1-Flowers.com!

For some the Holiday Season, can become Grumpy Season.  What’s the answer to make things more cherry, even though you know you’ll be spending time with weird Uncle Bob?  More miles!

Now through December 31, when you make a purchase through 1-800Flowers.com, use promo code 48DE, and you will be able to earn 30 Delta SkyMiles per dollar.

1-800 Flowers.com

The fact of the matter is that 30 mile per dollar shopping portal deals don’t tend to last long, so if you are unsure of what to get someone on your gift list, I would go to 1-800Flowers.com.


4,500 US Airways Miles for LifeLock Sign-Up

LifeLock from time to time offers mileage bonuses for signing up for their identity theft protection.  And, whether you are credit card churning fiend, have just a few, or even just a debit card it is a very smart idea and this day and age.  Especially when you can get a nice mileage haul as an added bonus.
Currently, LifeLock is offering up to 4,500 US Airways miles for new account sign-ups.  They put together an intriguing video, as well as a short quiz about how to protect yourself from identity theft.

You can go directly to the registration link, and sign up for identity protection using code TRAVEL68.  Mileage earned is dependent on what level of protection you choose, and award AFTER the 30-day trial period:

  • 1,000 miles for LifeLock basic monthly adult membership
  • 1,250 for LifeLock Ultimate
  • 4,000 for LifeLock basic annual adult
  • 4,500 miles for LifeLock Ultimate

LifeLock Offer

While the Terms & Conditions (below) state it must have been 12 months since you had a LifeLock membership, you can certainly try with a different email address, but no guarantees.

At the end of the 30-day period, your card will be billed automatically, for the service you selected, unless you cancel within the 30-day trial period.  You can cancel anytime without penalty by calling 1-800-LifeLock.
US Airways DIVIDEND MILES: Must be an active LifeLock member to earn Dividend Miles.  This offer is exclusive to new adult LifeLock members who have not been members within the last 12 months.  After the 30 day trial, you will be awarded 4,500 miles for LifeLock Ultimate/ 4,000 miles for LifeLock basic annual adult LifeLock membership, or 1,250 miles with LifeLock Ultimate/ 1,000 miles with LifeLock basic monthly adult LifeLock membership.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for miles to be credited to your account.  US Airways is not responsible for the quality or delivery of goods and/or services provided by LifeLock on any other Dividend Miles partner.  All Dividend Miles Terms and Conditions apply.

As a point of reference, 90,000 US Airways Dividend Miles is enough for a round-trip business class from the US to North Asia, or 120,000 miles in First Class.  Personally, I would value US Airways miles at about 2 cents each.  At this valuation, the full potential bonus here of 4,500 Dividend Miles would be worth $90.

Currently, LifeLock is offering up to 4,500 US Airways miles for new account sign-ups.  They put together an intriguing video, as well as a short quiz about how to protect yourself from identity theft.

Return of Radisson Big Night Giveaway


Radisson (part of Club Carlson, along with Park Inn and Country Inn & Suites) has just re-launched their Big Night Giveaway Promotion, in which a single stay yields 50,000 Club Carlson Gold Points!

After going to the sign-up link, hit “Register & Book Your Stay Today.”  You will be redirected, and asked to watch a short video on Club Carlson and Radisson.

After hitting play and watching the video, you will be asked to enter either your Club Carlson number, or your email address, if you already have a Club Carlson account.

If you are not already a member, you can sign up here.

Radisson Big Night Giveaway Returns

Finally, after registering your account, you will be asked to book a stay at one of the Radisson brand of hotels.


Terms and conditions can be found here.  This offer is only valid for the first 100,000 or so who sign up, and was still going yesterday when I signed up.  Eligible stays at a Radisson hotel must be completed between now, and July 15, 2012.

Technically, it requires a physical stay involving checking in and checking out.

I posted on the original giveaway back and November, and had some success a second time around.  So if you try to get in on this again, like I did, your mileage may vary.  But I will leave you with the picture of a certain hotel that had no problem giving credit for a “phantom” stay:

A Certain Hotel


The Big Night Giveaway is a great way to earn a free night (or possibly even nights) for staying one cheap night at a Radisson hotel.

A great example is the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney,  where a one-night stay may cost about $300.  Instead, you can get the same room, and pay only $80-$90 via the Big Night Giveaway promotion.

4,500 FREE Gold Points for Club Carlson Sign-Up

First-time members of the Club Carlson program (Radisson, Country Inn & Suites, Park Inn) can receive a sign-up bonus of 4,500 Club Carlson points.  To be eligible, simply use promo code ERWD2012, when signing up using this link.

Terms & Conditions:
Per the terms and conditions, this is for first time members, though I have no idea if you could sign up with a different address…?  Not that I would ever try that of course.

The offer is valid through May 31, and the points should post within 6-8 weeks.

What, you say are 4,500 Club Carlson points worth?  In short, about half-way to a free stay, as a Category 1 property (like a Country Inn & Suites) will run you 9,000 points.  For more expensive properties, like the Radisson Blue Chicago, award redemptions are up to 50,000 points per night.  In large or fairly aspirational markets, this beats the heck out of paying a couple hundred dollars in cash.

Award Charts:

Their standard award chart is included as a reference below:

Standard Award Chart

They also have a Points + Cash Award Chart:

Cash and Points Award Chart

So whether  you are looking to cap off points for an award redemption, or just trying to be frugal the next time you go on vacation, this is is a good step along that path.


Nod of the proverbial cap to The Points Guy.

Daily Getaways Great Deal Tomorrow-Marriott Travel Cards

The Daily Getaways promotion has been raging on, to rave reviews–ok not really.  Which is why I haven’t mentioned it until now, that I think there is something worth getting in on.

Tomorrow at 1:00 PM EDT (10 AM here on the Left Coast) they are running a sale on Marriott TravelCards-which can be redeemed for anything from hotel stays, to dining in their restaurants and even spa treatments.

Marriott Travel Card

On the surface this is a pretty good deal, but it becomes an AMAZING deal when you consider the fact that you get an extra10% off for using any American Express card.  So here are the options, with the price for using an American Express in parenthesis:

  • $44    ($39.60)    for $50 Marriott TravelCard         [150 Available]
  • $ 89   ($80.10)    for $100 Marriott TravelCard      [290 Available]
  • $222 ($199.80)  for $250 Marriott TravelCard      [452 Available]
  • $445 ($400.50) for $500 Marriott TravelCard      [201 Available]
  • $890 ($801)        for $1,000 Marriott TravelCard  [50 Available]

I became curious about what TravelCard denominations are at the best value, so being an Engineer, I put together the spreadsheet below to calculate this information quickly.

The first column labeled “LIMIT” is important because it is the maximum number of TravelCards that can be bought in a single purchase.  It should also be noted that to analyze the cost, I divided the card value (say $50) by the cost to purchase them ($44 or $39.60 with AMEX), so the larger the number, the BETTER the value.  In other words, it is the dividend available, per dollar spent, ie 1.14 and 1.26.

LIMIT VALUE Regular AMEX Reg. $/$ AMEX $/$
5 $50.00 $44.00 $39.60 1.14 1.26
5 $100.00 $89.00 $80.10 1.12 1.25
2 $250.00 $222.00 $199.80 1.13 1.25
2 $500.00 $445.00 $400.50 1.12 1.25
1 $1,000.00 $890.00 $801.00 1.12 1.25

What is interesting to note, is that the deal is actually slightly better for lower end of the scale.  I can’t claim to be an expert on economics, but it is surprising because instead of receiving a better deal for buying a larger quantity (think Costco or Sam’s Club) you could a better deal for buying less.

What this means for me is that instead of buying 1 single $500 card for $400/$445, I can get a better value and spend less by buying 10 $50 cards (in 2 orders) for $396/$440.  Go figure.

Anyway, I know it is maybe a little late to share this when it is less than 24 hours away, but I am glad to share the path to great travel!

LIMIT VALUE Regular AMEX Reg. $/$ AMEX $/$
5 $50.00 $44.00 $39.60 1.14 1.26
5 $100.00 $89.00 $80.10 1.12 1.25
2 $250.00 $222.00 $199.80 1.13 1.25
2 $500.00 $445.00 $400.50 1.12 1.25
1 $1,000.00 $890.00 $801.00 1.12 1.25

Points.com Mileage Giveaway and US Airways Dividend Miles Sale

Points.com has announced that they will be giving away 1,000,000 (places pinky nail over lips in Dr. Evil-esque fashion) US Airways Dividend Miles for new or registered Points.com members.

Points.com US Airways 1,000,000 Miles Giveaway

You can register a Points.com account here.  The site is similar to AwardWallet, with an added feature of being able to buy, trade exchange points with other users.  However, generally this is done at poor rates and I wouldn’t reccommend….

Points.com Registration

US Airways Miles:
Having a Points.com account also makes you eligible for a 100% bonus on purchased US Airways Dividend Miles, up to a total of 50,000 miles, now through April 15:

US Airways 100% Bonus Miles Sale

It is worth mentioning that only 50% of the US Airways mileage bonus will post initially, and the additional bonus will post by June 5, 2012.

Terms & Conditions:
*Offer available for purchases made between 12:00:01 AM (MT) March 15, 2012 and 11:59:59 PM (MT) April 15, 2012. The 50% bonus for purchasing miles will be awarded at the time the purchased miles are posted to your account. You must be a registered user of Points.com or join Points.com during the offer period to receive the additional 50% bonus. The additional 50% bonus will be awarded before June 5, 2012. Offer available for Buy miles only. The maximum number of combined bonus miles that can be received by one member for this offer is 50,000. Offer is subject to change without notice. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Gift and Share transactions are not eligible for bonus. Only purchases made online are eligible for the bonus.
Miles are sold for $0.035 per mile plus a tax recovery charge of 7.5%. GST/HST will be charged to Canadian residents. Miles purchased through Buy, Share or Gift Miles do not count towards Dividend Miles Preferred status. All other Dividend Miles Terms and Conditions apply. Miles may be used based on award availability at the time of booking. Please note that Dividend Miles accounts less than 12 days old are not permitted to Buy, Share or Gift Miles. All purchases are non-refundable.

My Thoughts
Overall, this is a good deal, as you are essentially purchasing miles at a rate of 1.75 cents a piece.  A great use of the miles, which was my intention in purchasing miles at a 100% bonus last summer, is to use 120,000 Dividend miles to fly First Class to Asia, with a stopover in Europe!  Another great use of the Miles that Ben of One Mile at a Time recommends is 90,000 miles for First Class between Asia and Australia.

Tip of the hat to Lucky.

350 FREE Priority Club Points

Similar to the promotion that United ran recently, Priority Club (Holiday Inn, Intercontinental, Crowne Plaza, Staybridge, Candlehood Properties) is giving away free Priority Club just for becoming a member of the e-Rewards program.

e-Rewards Priority Club Sign-Up Bonus

You can sign-up, via this link, where you will be prompted to enter your Priority Club number and address.  Once that is completed e-Rewards will guide you through selecting your preferences.

e-Rewards is a membership program which gives out rewards for completing surveys on targeted areas of interest, which you specify.  I should mention that e-Rewards is a “by-invitation-only” program–but don’t let the stop you, you may still be able to sign up.  I got in on it when I emailed them telling them I had lost my membership number and they promptly “re-instated” … err instated my account.

You earn points within their own program, but they are completely transferable to about a dozen airlines (the major US Carriers, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates) and of course Priority Club) amongst a host of others general loyalty programs.

Save up to half off on hotels when you name your price at PriceLine.com.

1,000 Free British Midland Destination Miles

There’s miles, then there is my favorite–free miles!

From now through February 28, British Midland is offering 1,000 Destination Miles  for taking a quick survey on your travel plans.

The survey only takes a few minutes, and asks questions about your travel habits, such as where, how often, and what airlines you fly.   Miles should post within the next 40 days.

Hat tip to Lucky.

Expedited TSA Screening Initative Set to Expand

For many, the idea of flying conjures up images of nosy TSA agents, long security lines and stress.  But for many that may soon change, as the TSA has announced they will feature the expedited “Pre-” screening at over 3 dozen airports by the end of the year.

The improved process is geared toward making the security screening process  for participating members be more hassle free and longer require the removal of shoes, belts, and laptops from their bags.

But make no doubt, security will always be paramount for the TSA:

“[We]  will always incorporate random and unpredictable security measures throughout the airport and no individual will be guaranteed expedited screening in order to retain a certain element of randomness to prevent terrorists from gaming the system.”

A full list of participating airports can be found on the TSA’s website.

This program is already available to frequent flyers and members of the Trusted Traveler Program, such as Global entry, in airports such as Atlanta, Dallas, L.A., and Miami.

While members of Delta Air Lines and American Airlines are eligible to opt-in, Alaska Airlines, US Airways and United Airlines will be soon be added in.  Eligible elite members of these programs are contacted with an invitation to join the TSA Pre-.


If not selected for the program by any of the participating airlines, members can apply to enroll in Global Entry  through the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Trusted Traveler Program.  There a couple of additional programs available–mainly for travel within North America, but Global Entry provides an expedited security process when returning to/traveling within the United States.

U.S. Customs & Border Protection Trusted Traveler Program

The application fee for Global Entry is $100, but is waived for American Express Platinum cardholders.  I have to admit that I have greatly considered procrastinated on applying for this myself.  But after hearing a number of great experiences-including tales of 5-hour waits avoided, and now hearing this news, I acted today and finalized my application to the Global Entry program.

This is great news for the frequently flying in general, and to anyone who would like a little less groping security hold-ups!  Hopefully the Pre-Check lines don’t soon more crowded than the regular security lines themselves, though.

But make no doubt, security will always be paramount for the TSA:

“[We]  will always incorporate random and unpredictable security measures throughout the airport and no individual will be guaranteed expedited screening in order to retain a certain element of randomness to prevent terrorists from gaming the system.”

Flower Power, Avios and Shopping

As I mentioned recently, one of the great ways to earn miles and points is simply by shopping, through various merchants and online portals.  With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s a great time to order flowers and even better if you can reap some miles from your purchase.  So here are the deals, starting with the best in my opinion.

  1. 1-800 Flowers, using promo code 52DE          -40 Delta SkyMiles/$ spent
  2. FTD,                                                                -30 American AAdvantage Miles/$ spent  + 300 bonus miles for Citi AAdvantage cardholders
  3. Teleflora, using promo code LOVEDUS          -25 US Airways Dividend Miles/$ spent
  4. 1-800-Flowers, using promo code U69            -25 US Airways Dividend Miles/$ spent
  5. FTD,                                -30 United Mileage Plus Miles/$ spent + 150 bonus miles per order

Last year I earned 6,000 Delta SkyMiles by ordering flowers through a similar promotion.  However, if earning the miles is your only incentive (Not that I would know, but if you are in a relationship you might need some serious advice at that point) then the offer is not quite as sweet when you include the shipping.  But still, it is a far more cost-effective method of gaining miles than buying them outright!

Tip of the hat to New Girl in the Air for this one.

Also, for the fashion-conscience points junkie, it appears British Airways is offering 36 Avios per dollar spent at Nordstrom’s.  If you are like me and do not have a Nordstrom’s near you, you are still in luck as this is for online shopping.  Register by February 6.

Tip of the hat goes to both The Points Guy and One Mile at a Time.  While TPG did originally post the story, Ben had a great describing how to make sure you are receiving the full bonus.

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