Point Me to the Miles

Navigating the Path to Great Travel

Domestic Upgrades

Domestic Upgrade Mileage Policies




US Airways**

Program Name 

AAdvantage Miles

Pay with Miles/ SkyMiles


Dividend Miles

Mileage Required* 

5000 (8000 to Hawaii)

5000 (7500 to Hawaii)

7500 (10000 to Hawaii)

5000 (15000 to Hawaii)



Miles Non-Refundable; co-pay refundable in some instances

Redeposited if upgrade not used; co-pay waived for Premier members

Co-Pay waived for Prefered members or if you buy Full-Fare ticket (Y&B Class)

* Mileage shows lowest needed mileage for one-way.  Miles based on full-fare economy ticket upgrades.
** American and US Airways will continue to function as separate companies. You will not earn AAdvantage Miles when        booking US Airways flights.


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